What Are DRLs?

Daytime running lights are just that, lights that come on automatically when the car is running. These are common on most European vehicles as many countries now insist that cars have illumination at the front and rear of the vehicle at all times during driving.

Why Bother?

According to statistics, vehicle collisions reduced when the lights are on the car during the day so they made it essential. Maybe the law was passed by someone who has shares in a bulb company or perhaps even owns the company.

Does It Reduce The Lifespan Of The Bulbs?

Depends on how you look at it. The bulb will last the same amount of time but as it is used more often it will need replacing more often. Many DRL systems reduce the power to the lights so they are illuminated but not at full power, increasing the bulb life.

Do All Smarts Have The DRLs?

No, only some newer 700cc Fortwos, 999cc Fortwo and Roadsters have the system.
Misterdorcom.de sell an add on board for all smarts if you want to add it.

Turning DRLs On And Off